Saturday 28 January 2017   (-536 Days to go)
Steve Nicolson Trophy 2018 Cancellation.

Earlier in the year Anglia Water lowered the water level in order to carry out some bank works. We were expecting the water to have risen to normal levels by now. Unfortunately this has not been the case and the water levels are continuing to drop.

With the present water levels and forecast from Anglia Water offering us no hope of a good amount of water for the event, it is with great regret that Northampton Sailing Club are cancelling the 2018 Steve Nicholson Trophy Fundraising Event.

If you would like to make a donation to Asthma UK you can do this through their website

We would like to thank you for supporting this Event and ask you to put the Steve Nicholson Trophy in your 2019 Diary for Saturday 26th January 2019.

Phil Kenny
Rear Commodore Sailing
Northampton Sailing Club

Gul Pinnell and Bax Musto
If you have any problems with the race result please contact the results master.
Steve Nicholson TrophySingle HandedComplete2017
Steve Nicholson TrophyDouble HandedComplete2017
Steve Nicholson TrophyDouble HandedComplete2016
Steve Nicholson TrophySingle HandedComplete2016
Steve Nicholson TrophyAsymmetricComplete2015
Steve Nicholson TrophyDouble HandedComplete2015
Steve Nicholson TrophySingle HandedComplete2015
Steve Nicholson TrophyDouble HandedComplete2014
Steve Nicholson TrophySingle HandedComplete2014
Steve Nicholson TrophyAsymmetricComplete2014
Steve Nicholson TrophySingle and Double HandersComplete2014
Steve Nicholson TrophyAsymmetricComplete2013
Steve Nicholson TrophyDouble HandedComplete2013
Steve Nicholson TrophyFoilersComplete2013
Steve Nicholson TrophySingle HandedComplete2013
Steve Nicholson TrophyAsymmetric and FoilingComplete2013
Steve Nicholson TrophyDouble HandedComplete2012
Steve Nicholson TrophySingle HandedComplete2012
Steve Nicholson TrophyAsymmetricComplete2012
Steve Nicholson TrophyFoilersComplete2012
Steve Nicholson TrophySingle and Double HandersComplete2011
Steve Nicholson TrophyAsymmetric and FoilingComplete2011
Steve Nicholson TrophyAsymmetricComplete2010
Steve Nicholson TrophyDouble HandedComplete2010
Steve Nicholson TrophySingle HandedComplete2010
Steve Nicholson TrophyFoilersComplete2010
Steve Nicholson TrophyFoilersComplete2009
Steve Nicholson TrophyAsymmetricComplete2009
Steve Nicholson TrophyDouble HandedComplete2009
Steve Nicholson TrophySingle HandedComplete2009
Steve Nicholson TrophyAsymmetricComplete2008
Steve Nicholson TrophyNon-AsymmetricComplete2008
Steve Nicholson TrophySingle HandedComplete2008
Steve Nicholson TrophyAsymmetricComplete2007
Steve Nicholson TrophyNon-AsymmetricComplete2007
Steve Nicholson TrophySingle HandedComplete2007
Steve Nicholson TrophyNon-AsymmetricComplete2006
Steve Nicholson TrophyAsymmetricComplete2006
Steve Nicholson TrophySingle HandedComplete2006
Steve Nicholson TrophyAsymmetricComplete2005
Steve Nicholson TrophyNon-AsymmetricComplete2005
Steve Nicholson TrophySingle HandedComplete2005
Steve Nicholson TrophyNon-AsymmetricComplete2004
Steve Nicholson TrophyAsymmetricComplete2004
Steve Nicholson TrophySingle HandedComplete2004

NOTICE TO ALL MEMBERS / VISITORS - Invasive Species Procedure.
All members/visitors are required to confirm that they have checked, cleaned and dried all equipment being brought into the club, before they are permitted to use the reservoir.
On arrival you must sign your equipment in to confirm that it has been checked, cleaned and dried and also that you agree to wash down any equipment that has come into contact with the water.
The declaration forms will be in the lounge at registration.
You must also make sure any equipment used on the water is signed out after you've checked, cleaned and dried it.
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Pitsford Reservoir
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